Saturday, July 23, 2011

Virtual Bowser

This week I was asked to make a prop dog. I guessed they needed something to torture on the sketch comedy my friend is working on. I have made puppets and fuzzy cats for MadTV I wanted to see if I could build a dog. They were bringing me a toy dog to play with or tear apart and a full cow hide.
I made a paper pattern with zero seam allowance. It had to be hand stitched and glued.

I started with the tail and the hind legs and worked toward the head

It was important to have the eyes behind the fur or it would look like a toy. The ear placement on the toy was wrong, I moved the ears away from the eyeballs.

I used edge coat on the mouth and eye openings and smudge a bit on the ears and around the mouth.

I needed to thin out the legs so I slit them and pulled out all the stuffing and messed around with the armature wire, to get a more animated pose.

I worked the rest of the day with his head poking out of the box, felt like a real pet was watching me. Now I am inspired to make something with the green cow hide hanging out in my room.


Cindy Blog-A-Liddle said...

You are a true artist. This creation is beyond amazing!

Tony said...

Wonderful work...great energy