Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year in Frightwig. Never say never

Crazy crazy year.  What a way to finish it.  Thank you!

Bye bye 2013

As much as I wanted the world to explode it didn't.  Who am I trying to fool.  I like watching cat videos on you tube.  This year was pretty interesting. Andy and I stitched leather for statues in Vegas, made cinchers for movie stars,
turned a monster truck into  a giant poodle got to design with super lux leather for a high profile magic show and leather for commercials.  Year of the Cow.

The statues ate up pounds of thread.  Never realized how tricky giant statues are.  Mechanical statues don't complain. They just rip throught everything.  Had to be super attentive to the stress points and movement.  Here are photos from other jobs.  Dragon jacket for a performance on the Emmy's a mermaid tail in iridescant rubber and Katy Perry wearing my jungle dress on SNL.