Sunday, July 3, 2011

I love leather

I love it when I get a leather assignment. I love the way it feels the way it smells, it can be molded and sewn into all kinds of wild shapes. Above is waxed pig skin covered in claw spikes. The wax heated up and flaked off like bad dandruff it was a little gross. I do love the end result.

I love the look of the cracked silver leather used in this clutch. I also have a gold hide waiting to be chopped up.

Made five of these for a TV show. All of them were custom dyed and lacquered. Mixing the paint, the lacquer then adding the hardware reminded me of the days I used to build guitars. My favorite part of the job was hearing that the PA got mobbed by bag obsessed women as soon as she hit the street.

I got hired to build a few pieces for Weird Al's Lady Ga Ga parody, also got asked to show up early to sew on set. The first shot was the meat dress, I saw a cooler raw meat, thick red thread. I worked with the designer and another stitcher and we got it done in two hours. Meat packed under our nails all we smelled was meat. I figured it was my pay back for being a leather snob.

Looking forward to designing and building with my favorite partner in crime. Andy is cutting cow for the latest assignment. Tore through 120 square feet of black leather in a weekend.


Andy 7 said...

Great pictures! Love my leather, too.

Busy Gal said...