Friday, February 6, 2009

Wookie Gurl

She was big like a wookie, grimaced and made noises like one. I think she chopped down trees in her spare time and carried the logs on her back for fun. My friend made me meet her on set; she seemed mild mannered and smiled at the right places. We traded numbers.
I needed an extra set of hands and called. She was not available, said she was out of state. Fine, I don't want to rush things. I suggested she meet with me when she had time. She called and said she had time. I was busy, the place was a mess, but that's how it's going to be when I work.
I opened the door and noticed she dragged her friend along. Not cool. The mild mannered girl was pretty aggressive with her side kick. They helped themselves to a tour of my place, and it made me a little uncomfortable.
She bought samples, they were pretty fantastic and I wanted one. Fifty dollars. Thirty, maybe.
If I was Mattel she would be hired, but I make clothes, not plush toys. I need to see pants, dresses, button holes, hems. With plush toys you make and break rules
I had no idea of her skill and how all of this will help me.
I was beginning to feel my request to bring her own machine to work with me was too much to ask. I have nice equipment and didn't want to share. She walked towards my most expensive machine and said, " I'm all about this one! I used one at my last job. It's so easy!" I wasn't sure if she was being enthusiastic or condesending, then I thought about paying for repairs because she was bluffing.
Why did my friend say we would be a good match to work together? I try to be slick, not homemade . I think my space is too small for her and all her quirks.

Big crafty girl thought she was going to take over my work space and show me how to use my machines while I paid rent, paid her and watched in awe.

I don't think so.

The ME Generation

I got sucked in to Facebook. It used to be fun sending drinks, getting toys, finding old friends. It's changed and I'm not liking it as much every post is a commercial for some one that spends too much time online and not enough time in the real world.

"Join my fan club, be my fan!" Is this how they pay the bills? If your stuff was all that it would be on tv or in an art gallery generating an income. You would not be shilling your crap online with a bunch of other egomaniacs. Everyone's selling and I'm not buying any of it.