Sunday, January 25, 2009

Voyage to the bottom of the Masculine Brain

" Your not supposed to marry playmates you jerk off to them!"

Thanks Andy.

I had a bad day at work I spent 12 hours with a bunch of old school guys that thought success meant a big home on a hill a wide screen TV and a bevy of big titted blondes. The ring leader was a rock singer in a band well past their prime. They would have been reduced to playing supermarket openings and state fairs if reality TV didn't film his life and give him another 15 minutes. He has a room full of yes men all wanting a piece of his approval with their sloppy blondes, second hand luxury cars and homes in the valley.

Everyone went out of their way to make me know they thought I was a freak for not embracing their opinions of what's hot. They were shocked to hear I am happily married. Sixteen years. "What no sex with others?" Sorry no cheating, orgies or free love wife swapping. Somebody put these guys in the museum of sex under 70's relics.

More proof about being stuck in the past Punk rock is still a threat.

I couldn't even pretend be interested in their strip mall halter topped permed hair 70's planet.