Monday, July 4, 2011

Video game costumes

I had just finished working on the pickup shots for the video game Twisted Metal and I got a call to build more video game costumes. I didn't plan on going to E3 this year so why not send more costumes. After I agreed, the waiting game started. Actors needed to be cast and I needed sizes. I got the images purple with yellow polka dots. Should I silk screen or cut dots...The fabric was too slick to print I ended up cutting every single dot and sewing them on. The other girls skirt needed the stripes cut and sewn plus stitched knife pleats. Also the crop tops stripes needed assembled from two different shades of spandex.
Plus they wore bunny slippers I needed to match the art I was sent. The scale of the stripes the polka dots needed to be approved before finishing the construction.

The six male actors were giants 6'6" and taller the average shoe size was 14 their inseams pushed around 40". We fabricated the vests, courdura, speaker fabric, spray glue and my leather machine. Long torsos and massive hands that ripped every pair of gloves. I don't think gloves made in China's XL's match the XL's we have in the US.

The Tyger guard and Andy. i think this guy was 6'10"

Last year I built costumes for the video game MAG. The year I got this job grey vinyl was hard to find. I think I spent more time searching for the right grey than stitching it up. This is my favorite male costume.

The year before it was Killzone. I built 15 of these outfits modified the boots, they were moon boots. More vests ammo packs jackets boots hot and heavy. Hellghast videos are on you tube.


leighannbw said...

OMG>>> You have my eternal awe if for nothing other than having the patience and skill to sew those circles on those fabulous costumes. I tried top-stitching some polka-dots on a skirt years ago, and after about half a day of misery, I used iron-on adhesive to attach them and painted on the stitching!!! More than one way to skin a cat. To quote Wayne and Garth "I'm not worthy!"
-Leigh Ann

Busy Gal said...

I was watching a pretty cool movie. Guest of Cindy Sherman. It was painless. I always load up with movies or music when I work.

Cindy Blog-A-Liddle said...

I am also in awe of your talent. Excellent stuff (as always).