Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Being stalked by "Experts"

I have been one royal bitch. I have figured out why I have been so crabby because people are in my face like flies. I must be one big turd because they want to take a piece of me.

1. “Let’s Start A Business Together – We’re A Team!” What? You want to start a business with me? Because you’ve got ideas?? Thank you! I really, really, really need people with ideas! Especially from people who have no sewing skills or marketing experience to speak of. Why…that’s pure GOLD! Thank you sooooo much!!!! Oh, and you want an 80-20% split? I guess that’s only fair, you getting 80% and me doing ALL OF THE WORK, but hey you worked so hard for that 80% with YOUR IDEAS, why nobody else has ideas anymore. God bless you!!!!!! I’m always looking for people with no technical skills, gosh, thank you for trying to invade what is already a successful business, but God, it’s all about YOUR IDEA$$!!!! Where have you been all my life?

2. “I Can Do What You Can Do-We’re Equals, Y’Know.” Thanks for making me feel like I have no talent, I really appreciate your ignorant condescending attitude. By the way, I can also do what you can do: I can sit on my ass all day bragging about how I can produce the same amount of work as other people, and really do absolutely nothing, you great equalizer, you. I guess that’s a talent…on Skid Row. So you can do what I can do? Can you work 48 hours straight without sleep pumping out 50 outfits all by yourself? Can you make a prom dress for a bickering Filipino mother and daughter the night before the bitch’s “big night”? Can you make a wedding dress and a heavy metal rocker outfit at the same time, yeah, Miss Big Talent, let’s talk about multi-tasking, how many different outfits can you make on the same day?

Oh, and by the way, I have this great idea. Shut your fucking mouth.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The ugliest night in tinsel town

I worked on the Oscars. I had no idea how this award show riles people up like nothing I ever experienced. It was a new kind of lust, everyone wanted to be next to a star, hoping that a little of the magic will rub off on them.

Everyone was hungry from the caterers, the security guards and the wardrobe grunts. They shoved and elbowed talked a littele louder laughed a little longer. The body launguage screamed ,"Look at me I wanna be special too!"

Maybe this will be the day they get discovered and whisked away to be a star. I felt like I was living the last part of the movie "Day of the Locust". I was waiting for the big stomping scene but I realised it was them stomping on my head all night. That's when I felt betrayed.

I am a realist not a dreamer I was hired to mend other designer's gowns, sew on buttons hem pants not mingle or be a star. My team made sure I never spent time with anyone important. The stars were for them I had the stage managers, production managers if there were animals I'd probably get them as well. This party sucked and I couldn't wait to bust loose. The end of the night my "friends" separated themselves from me to look for the parties.

Good luck. I knew they were being played as well. No parties were waiting for them