Saturday, January 2, 2010


I am grateful towards everyone that thinks I'm special enough to receive a gift but I got some crazy stuff this year and I don't think people know me at all.

"I sent you a package and I hope it doesn't offend you" If you have to ask me permission it probably is offensive. I didn't expect a magnetic Jesus on the cross dress up kit. This is too tacky for goodwill. I will bury it some where. Just looking at it I feel one step closer to hell.

Next one of my work mates tries to save face by giving me a dud book from her collection. I like fashion, I love wigs and I adore cats I guess I should be estatic with my cats in wigs picture book. WRONG! The cats look miserable. Hate is seething from every cat pore. Why are you putting this mess on my head and taking photos.

I got a holiday text from an assistant I fired. Miss U You don't miss me you miss the money. Get out of here!!!

Good stuff happened. My friend from SF came to visit. She has never picked a bad book for me and set me up with something new and exciting.

A box of edibles showed up on Xmas eve. What a thoughtful gift. Cookies, chocolate, fruit good stuff.

I didn't fly to see my family but the box I sent with home movies burned to dvd arrived on my brother's birthday. This was the thirteenth Christmas without him and always sad.

Thanks everyone for the gifts but if you really want me to keep your gift it forever, try to get to know me first.