Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Needle craft and Yoga retreat


I just wrapped up working on "wedding of the century".  The security guy told us sternly last week did not exist.  Neither do the scars on my hands and sore joints from making clothes.  I think he watched too many sci fi movies.
We stayed in a lodge no internet alarm clocks or tv.  The days were filled with fittings at night we walked down the hill.   We weren't allowed to mention the wedding so I told everyone were attending The Needle craft and Yoga retreat.   I liked seeing the looks of pity or disgust from the strangers, they usually said that's nice and walked away.  One of my work mates was horrified I made her sound like a nerd.  I thought it was funny, we are NERDS!   I also wondered if I could make any money hosting one.

At 5pm  the deer would come out to eat the grass, the turkeys would strut or gooble gobble we accept you one of us across the lawn.  So peaceful.  Am I getting paid for this?

The job is over after lack of sleep and a five hour drive we schlepped 350 costumes back to LA, in the heat up two flights of stairs.  Everything peaceful was slowly falling apart.
I'll finally be able to crash in my room and not have to speak.  Nope I got booked to build 21 hostess costumes for an award show. Due on Friday.  FIVE days.   The designer wants to visit in two hours. I don't know where the energy was going to come from but show me a check, I'll find the way. I made a sample I had pose in the sample and email it.   Ughhh if I knew this was going to happen I wouldn't have eaten anything for weeks.  I cut my head out of the photo and winced.

Tuesday I heard they found dresses down town.  I was secretly relieved.  The dresses were replaced with  "Can you build two dragon mascot costumes for Friday?"  That request was replaced with can you make these store bought costumes look expensive for Friday.  This is Wednesday I get extra materials dropped off and ten minutes later that was cancelled.  So far all I built was eight felt sashes. I had other jobs that needed attention I was still going to work on set so cancelling my builds  for that show was fine.  A few hours later "Can you build a tuxedo for a giraffe?"   A Giraffe!!!!!   Nine o'clock the tuxedo for the giraffe was cancelled but they needed four more jungle girl options built.

I had to reference a few pulp covers, Raquel's iconic loincloth  and dig out the geometry equation for Torpedo bra cups.  It was high school drafting class instead of floor plans I was making  bra cups.  

Finally Show time!  Everything fit, everyone was happy I was happy thinking about some rest.  I look at my cell I got a text.   What time can I pick up my puppet?  Here we go again......

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