Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I never drew flowers or pretty things. Chester Gould was my art hero and my plan was make all humans ugly and memorable. Use the blackest ink draw the lines heavy and make them fight.
I read alot of Norse tales and they were violent and a little cruel. That appealed to me. I liked reading about loki's offspring being so evil they were vapor and they had to pick a form to appear before Odin. One appeared as a wolf his greed was destruction. The next was a serpent he dug slow death. The last one had a thirst for "withering" this was the creepiest one of all and took the form of a woman. Half human half corspe.

How can you not be inspired to draw dark imagery.

I will never read about emo vampires or schools for witches I'd rather read the Bell Jar or High Cotton. I like the short story in High Cotton about the drifter that is roped into a pit fightwith a human. Heads on sticks drying in the sun like beef jerky
I don't feel connected to todays art. Computer generated punk posters, grown men painting little fuzzy critters playing with naked girls art shows dedicated to saturday morning tv shows and over priced plastic figures that look like they came from a junk store.
What did they read growing up cereal boxes?


Andy 7 said...

Yeah, the new breed of artists are stupid illiterates. I couldn't agree more!

Busy Gal said...

I forgot to mention you have to RSVP to get into an opening....
They should pay us for leaving our comfy enviroment and being forced to look at their crap.