Monday, April 6, 2009

No way says No Policy

Punk Fest 2oo9. MTL HC

All the bands must be from the early 80's and have at least 2 original members. I can count them on 2 hands we had a good underground scene. This could be interesting my highschool reunion fizzled and I was feeling nostalgic for the past.

Been asked several times to play and I say no you can't afford me. This year I decided a family visit and hardcore reunion would be a fun way to travel.

The promoter booked a tiny club, strike one.

The promoter doesn't answer my emails, strike two

Each band is promised a 1984 style payment... strike three

After bitching my day rate is more than each bands guarantee, I got more silence. I am not taking a week away from work, paying air fare to make a few rolls of pennies.

I thought it would be nice to see the gang but the gang is mad at me. I shouldn't have whined about the money. "Team Anarchy" hates me.

I finally tracked down the elusive singer he lives above the tree line. If he does it I'll do it.

"No, I can't take time away from work". That was that, problem solved.


Andy 7 said...

Punks are swell for grabbing at everything and giving nothing in return. I wouldn't waste my time entertaining these stupid parasites.

Busy Gal said...

Yup sometimes I forget why I quit playing. Thanks for the reality check.