Monday, March 9, 2009

The ugliest night in tinsel town

I worked on the Oscars. I had no idea how this award show riles people up like nothing I ever experienced. It was a new kind of lust, everyone wanted to be next to a star, hoping that a little of the magic will rub off on them.

Everyone was hungry from the caterers, the security guards and the wardrobe grunts. They shoved and elbowed talked a littele louder laughed a little longer. The body launguage screamed ,"Look at me I wanna be special too!"

Maybe this will be the day they get discovered and whisked away to be a star. I felt like I was living the last part of the movie "Day of the Locust". I was waiting for the big stomping scene but I realised it was them stomping on my head all night. That's when I felt betrayed.

I am a realist not a dreamer I was hired to mend other designer's gowns, sew on buttons hem pants not mingle or be a star. My team made sure I never spent time with anyone important. The stars were for them I had the stage managers, production managers if there were animals I'd probably get them as well. This party sucked and I couldn't wait to bust loose. The end of the night my "friends" separated themselves from me to look for the parties.

Good luck. I knew they were being played as well. No parties were waiting for them

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